Royal America

The future

Royal AmericaSteve is working on ROYAL AMERICA TWO where this epic story unfolds and the scale of this brave new world becomes apparent. It will include an Apache mutiny, the Angolan Empire Airships and Geronimo in Japan. Steam and Airships, Clockwork and cogs, gears and shims this alternative Victorian World is going to enthrall.

Steve is also contributing to Bellack Production's first anthology of short stories. This will include works from Steve Moore, Craig Cabell, Galahad Jones, Graham A Thomas and maybe more. Steve has contributed some stories linked to ROYAL AMERICA for this exciting project such as:

The Holy Mabkhara

Lady Helen Glendell, Colonel Tom Broadhaven, Angelaki Dumastarkis and Captain Geoffrey Everett-Millais Chaucer, all take Steve's Steampunk world to the limits in India, Tibet, Arabia and Switzerland plus of course Royal America. More exhibits will be added as time goes on.

Other work in progress includes Cafe Diablo a Gothic/ biker horror/thriller story set in the blazing heat of Arizona. He also has plans for a novella called The Kremlin Kowboy in the chilling cold of the Soviet Union under Stalin, the most unlikely fan of Western movies. There is also potential for a Science Fiction Steampunk creation.

Are there enough hours in the day?

Steve hopes to share your reading time on the train, waiting at the airport, or just before you go to sleep in a world of imagination.Available from Amazon

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