Royal America

Steve Moore

An English author with a fascination with North America and Native American culture. He also wrote Mab the Urban Collie, Mab the Urban Collie Part Two and Maritime Security the Port of Singapore.

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Steve is proud of saying he went to the worst school in South London, which is probably the case. Thanks to Craig Cabell and Bellack Productions he has ventured out into literature.

The Horniman’s Museum in Forest Hill, South London England provided an early and vital input of curiosity about the world though the Art Club and the amazing ethnological collection available there. That was where he first took an interest in Native American culture and art. In 1974 a Montana Cree Native American visited the school and told of life on the reservation and some of the history of the Cree peoples. This was the first American Steve ever met. This may well have been where the seed corn for ROYAL AMERICA came from.

He first joined the Ministry of Defence in 1976 and on reaching the age of thirty he decided to undertake Royal Naval Reserve training. After two years in cabbage kit for various reasons he changed his mind and joined a British Army Territorial Army unit “the Honourable Artillery Company”. He currently works in the Civil Service in BIS (Business Innovation and Skills) as a trade advisor. Steve has been a member of various Rock Bands including the Xylophone Yacht Zombies and Mad Acid Enterprise.

Steve is married and still lives in South London and has a Son, Daughter and a rescued Border Collie Dog. He continues to run for fitness but is more likely to walk the dog these days, has coached Rugby Union at Old Alleynians FC.

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